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Spring Fling with the Angels

Saturday, May 13, 2017

About Spring Fling with the Angels in Calgary

When we created Spring Fling in May 2012 there was so much wonderful feedback about International Angel Day that having just one Angel Event a year was definitely not enough and we just love hosting it! That being said, this is the 5th Annual Spring Fling and it’s so exciting! We get to see old friends and meet new friends, and just bringing the community together is amazing. This truly is an inspirational event to uplift your energy and to give a boost to how successful we can be when we focus on the positive.
Spring Fling 2017

During the Day SF 2017


Cindy Smith AEP Photo2

Cindy Smith AEP

Cindy Smith AEP, founder and instructor of Angel Empowerment Practitioner TM Certification Course and the Angel Empowerment Hands on Healing Certification Course with Dr. Carl Le Roux.  Cindy is known for her transformational teachings and for empowering people to trust their Angelic connection so they can move from, “I Can’t to I CAN.”  Cindy’s greatest passion is teaching others to connect to their inner power.

Cindy Smith is a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner® and Medium trained by Doreen Virtue. She holds a Substance Abuse Counselling Diploma, and has years of Child and Youth Care work in experience.  In combination with this background and other modalities like her Masters in Time Line Therapy & NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), and Huna Teachings.

Cindy brings a well-rounded and grounded approach to connecting you with your angel team and empowering you to move from “I CAN’T” TO “I CAN!”

www.cindysmithaep.com – Facebook: Cindy Smith AEP Twitter: @CindySmithAEP


JadeJaden Sterlingn Sterling is internationally recognized for his speaking and coaching on success, financial freedom and developing one’s inner GPS.  Beginning his career in corporate America, he joined the top 1% of U.S. income earners by the age of 26.  At age 31, he left corporate America to become an entrepreneur and within 7 years built a Real Estate portfolio valued in excess of ten million dollars.

Today, Jaden is North America’s leading Success Expert and is a sought after Key-note speaker, Amazon International best-selling author, Radio show host of Soul to Profit Radio and has appeared in International publications such as Fox Business News, Business Daily Africa, St. Petersburg Times, Law of Attraction Radio and on hundreds of radio and online TV shows.

www.jadensterling.com – Facebook: Jaden Sterling’s Wealth & Wisdom – Twitter: @JadenSterling88

Carl Le Roux

Dr. Carl Le Roux

“I am a family physician in Saskatoon. I was born in South Africa and did my medical training there. I moved to Canada many years ago, wrote my Canadian exams and now work full time in Saskatoon as a family physician. I met Cindy at an expo in Saskatoon – I walked past her booth and was attracted to her energy. At that time I had no idea how that chance meeting would change my life! I did a 2 day course with her in Saskatoon, went to Ireland and did the AEP course there (it was an amazing experience) and just repeated the AEP course with her in Saskatoon. Cindy and the Angels have transformed my life. I was getting discontent in my work as a physician and always felt there was something more to help my patients.

Illness comes into our lives for various reasons. Our experiences, interaction with other people, diet, activity, mood, etc., all affect our immune system, which in turn, affects our health. Being a physician gave me the knowledge on anatomy, symptoms and illness and how this affects our health. Working with energy and the angels helps me to understand the power we have to affect our health. I believe we each have the power to be in perfect health. Just as we can set intention to manifest whatever we desire, we can manifest perfect health.


TJ Boyne has been working with energy for as long as he can remember it first started when he was about 3 years old that he would connect with his Grandpa that passed.  He would play blocks, communicate with him, and just have random laughter that his mother would notice.  Growing up TJ always would intuitively know things about people and never knew why, he would just think it was natural to pick up information about people simply by looking at them or being in this presence.  He loved reading Self-Help books growing up, watching Sylvia Browne on Montel Williams, and James Van Praagh on the TV Show Beyond.  After graduating, TJ embarked on his passion at the time which was working with computers which he did for 9 years working with companies like Bonnett’s Energy Services, E.S. Williams & Associates, and CP Rail.  He always loved what he did, but knew he could do more for people, so in February 2015 he did just that he quit his job at CP Rail not knowing what was next, and started on this spiritual journey of finding out how he could use his gifts & abilities to help others.

Since Feb 2015 – TJ Boyne has helped hundreds of people on their path and truly loves what he does and gets excited every morning knowing he has found his life purpose.  TJ believes everyone has this gift and in doing so can help them on their journey to make those decisions to keep them on track, that’s why he hosts courses and events to empower people to find that.  TJ has also done numerous parties and public talks for people as well as give them messages from the Other side.  Whether you’re working one on one with TJ or in a group setting, you will always get someone that is calm and humble that truly wants what is best for everyone and will work with you and the Divine to achieve just that!

www.ascendedlight.com – Facebook: TJ Boyne – Ascended Light – Twitter: @TJBoyne

Join TJ Boyne at Spring Fling as he gives messages from your Guardian Angels to the audience.


Jenn M HeadshotJennifer Mueller
Crystals – Where does one begin?

In the time we have to spend together we will discuss how crystals work with you, what are some good beginner crystals, answer some common questions, and find out how to work with crystals. We will be a bit interactive and you will go home with information. Good references will be provided to further your journey in learning more on crystals.

If you bring any crystals that you may not remember what they are we will do our best to identify them at our Friends and Gems booth through out the day!

Jennifer Mueller is an owner at Friends and Gems Inc. She is an experiential learner and likes to be inquisitive. She likes to share knowledge as often she learns by teaching, and likes to keep things simple. She has mentored with other crystal shop owners, read up on crystals from many books and follows many crystal guru’s online. She is also an AAEP (Advanced Angel Empowerment Practitioner), Reiki Master, and has taken other modalities in Huna, and NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming).

www.friendsandgems.com – Facebook: Friends and Gems

Join Jennifer Mueller at Spring Fling as she shares her passion about Crystals.


Paige S Headshot

Paige Stevenson

Paige has worked with people over the past 10 years providing intuitive readings using a diverse set of tools that include numerology, neurolinguistic programming, feng shui, card readings and angelic guidance. Her most recent certification in Hands on Healing® expands her ability to tap into the multi-dimensional sources affecting the health and lifestyle people struggle with.

Guiding people to embrace their innate truth within heals the wounds that have been just out of reach. Paige feels called to help people discover this initially with her guidance, then teach how to do this for themselves. In a supportive learning environment Paige’s newest programs such as Connect to Your Own Power provide a guided path of awareness to individual inner truth creating Divine well being.

After a long successful career in the Alberta oil industry, Paige came up against her own dark night of the soul which challenged her to review the experience of her life from a totally Divine point of view. It was at this point she realized the angelic and spiritual support available was a gift for all of us to access and learn in guiding our lives forward. She now brings this through her work in multiple ways.

You’ll love the transformations you’ll experience in Paige’s Intuitive Advisor Readings, Workshops, and Coaching Programs to help you quickly break through into higher levels of happiness and personal success!


Join Paige Stevenson at Spring Fling as she talks about Moving from Traditional Boardrooms to Modern Day Broomsticks.

During The Day You Will

  • Meet & Communicate with Your Angelic Team
  • How Do we ASK and RECEIVE guidance from our Angel Team
  • Experience Two Guided Meditations
  • Work with Healing Vibration for Healing Self & Community
  • Work with Angels of Abundance
  • Own Your Wellness
  • Using Crystals and working with Angels together
  • Experience Audience Readings by TJ Boyne & Cindy Smith
  • Guest Speakers!!!
  • Connect with Like Minded People
  • Enjoy a Gourmet Lunch (also with Coffee, Tea, and Dessert)
  • Automatically enter to WIN Thousands of dollars in gifts and much more!



Did you Know That…

  • The doors to this event open at 8:30 a.m. – time to mingle with the vendors and find your seat for the day
  • There will be Angel Card Readers and Hands on Healers available for booking in the morning and at lunch – $20 for 15minutes
  • You will access the event through the hotel (not events centre) at the Grey Eagle Resort and Casino
  • There are vendor tables to visit and mini angel reading sessions you can book
    • You can visit the vendors or get readings in the morning before the event starts, at lunch or at the end of the day.
  • That there is a really good lunch included in your ticket for the day

The Venue

Sheraton Cavalier – 2620 32 Ave NE, Calgary, AB T1Y 6B8

Event runs from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm. Doors open at 8:30 am for Vendors, Angel Card Readers, Hands on Healers, and Much More!

Sheraton Cavalier Hotel

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Countdown to Spring Fling with the Angels








New Venue:

Sheraton Cavalier

2620 32 Ave NE, Calgary, AB T1Y 6B8

Sheraton Cavalier Hotel

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Individual Ticket $88+GST=$92.40



Note: Tickets Include Free Lunch


Below is some of the feedback we’ve received for past Angel Events in Calgary. If you would like to provide your own feedback… click here!

I attended your Spring Fling with The Angels Event at the Grey Eagle and just would love to let you know
that it was an event I will never forget!!

It was my first time in attendance at an event like this and I took away so much that is truly indescribable.

The ENERGY & INSPIRATION exuded in the room.  I left the event full of INCREDIBLE VIBRATIONAL ENERGY!!!

It is one of those ""I was in the right place at the right time"" moments for me!

I am now enrolling in one of your AEP Classes and will follow with the Healing Touch Training with Yourself and Dr.Carl Le Roux as I feel empowered even more than I have before to serve people in Spiritual Healing.

I definitely will be attending your next event and look forward to the learning experience next time.




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