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International Angel Day in Calgary

Sunday, October, 14, 2018

About International Angel Day in Calgary

This year is our 10th annual International Angel Day Event (IAD). It will be held October 14, 2018. We will be celebrating 10 YEARS of coming together as a like-minded community, supporting one another on our journey. “I am beyond excited to be doing this event for our 10th year! Our Community has grown and it is a blessing to know each year we all come together sharing our love, compassion, and support for one another. Join us this year to be apart of an upbeat, and fun day. This year is all about celebration! We as a community get to celebrate this special day, and all the accomplishments we have made. I look forward to seeing you all there for this special International Angel Day!

In Love and Light,

Cindy Smith AEPTM ATP®

Main Speaker

International Angel Day in Calgary is hosted by Cindy Smith AEP.

Cindy Smith AEP Photo2

Cindy Smith – Angel Empowerment Practitioner™ Instructor/Developer

A transformational teacher and author who empowers all to trust in their own Angel Team/Intuition and explore infinite possibilities!

With a background in nursing, counseling, child and youth care, a Masters in Time Line Therapy and NLP and Huna training, Cindy teaches from a wealth of concrete information combined with her intuitive gifts to present a balanced, skilled approach to ‘Honoring our Sensitive Kids’.  Cindy loves to teach and has developed the Angel Empowerment Practitioner Certification Course and co-created with Dr. Carl Le Roux the Angel Empowerment Hands on Healing.  Cindy states, “One of the most powerful experiences for me is when I witness individuals ‘Move from I can’t too I can.’

Cindy Smith

Angel Empowerment Practitioner™
Angel Therapy Practitioner®Cindy Smith


Alter a belief and you can change reality.

What we believe, determines what we make true.”

Guest Speakers

Barb Kunst

Bard has a passion for working with people, she spent many years working in an office and working with Special Needs Children in the classroom. Barb is a 100 Club National Marketing Director (NMD) with the Juice Plus Co. making a difference in her health, which led her to find her purpose and passion of adding vitality and empowerment to people’s lives. She has been involved with Juice Plus for 13 years and has reached the top of the company.

Jayena Collins

Jayena is CEO/Owner of Dreamcatcher Vitality & Wellness and also a Qualified National Marketing Director (QNMD) with Juice Plus Canada for 10 years. Jayena’s personal journey of compromised serious health and in addition to a vast amount of chronic disease embedded in generations of her family (including her own children) provides her purpose and passion to Empower People to “Own Their Own” Health & Wellness.

Both Barb and Jayena have worked with Cindy Smith and are certified AEP, AAEP, and AEHOH. These women have cared for their physical health through Juice PLUS, and care for themselves emotionally and spiritually through Cindy Smiths teachings. Both women empower others to live in their own Health and Wellness!

Carl Le RouxDr. Carl Le Roux

“My name is Dr. Carl Le Roux. I am a family physician in full time practice in Saskatoon. Over the years I have seen many patients “trapped” in illness or symptoms. They own their illness (and often their medications) and allow it to define them – so giving up their power in regards to their health.

I have been doing energy work and working with the healing energy of Archangel Raphael for several years. Archangel Raphael has transformed my life. From changing my focus to healing (instead of illness) and taking responsibility for what is happening in my life. I have embraced health, joy and happiness. I have a healthy weight now, I am off my blood pressure pills, my allergies went away and I am able to exercise daily. The statement: “Expect to be healthy and you are now!” is now my new belief.

Do you want to own your own health? I am passionate about sharing how we can change our health and our lives with the Angel Empowerment Hands on Healing Program. Cindy Smith and I will talk about common myths regarding health and healing at our Special Event. It is an exciting new healing modality with real results. It is changing lives – both for healers and those seeking healing. Imagine how your life can change, all you need to do is make the decision and the Hands on Healing program will make it happen for you!”

Join Dr. Carl LeRoux at International Angel Day and learn more about “How you Can Own Your Own Health!”

During The Day You Will

  • Intuitively we are all communicating with our Guardian Angels – Let’s make it easier
  • How do we stop ego/free will from interfering in our TRUTH
  • Activate JOY vibration Now and Future
  • Experience Archangel Guided Meditations
  • Work with Healing Vibration of Archangel Raphael for Self & Community
  • How do we communicate with our Earth Angels
  • How can we use Angel Oracle Cards to receive our own messages
  • Experience Audience Readings by Cindy Smith and Guest
  • Guest Speakers!!!
  • Connect with Like-Minded People
  • Enjoy a Gourmet Lunch (includes coffee, tea, and dessert)
  • Attendees are Automatically entered to WIN gifts totaling in the Thousands

Did you Know That…

  • The doors to this event open at 8:00 a.m. – time to mingle with the vendors and find your seat for the day
  • There are vendor tables to visit
  • You can Book a mini angel card reading or an Angel Empowerment Hands on Healing Session for only $25 (Sessions start before the event, during lunch and breaks)
  • Gourmet lunch included in your ticket price

The Venue

Sheraton Cavalier
2620 32 Ave NE, Calgary, AB, 
T1Y 6B8

Event runs from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
Doors open at 8:00 am for Vendors, Readers, Hands on Healers, and MORE!

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Below is some of the feedback we’ve received for past International Angel Days in Calgary. If you would like to provide your own feedback… click here!

What an amazing day and we were blessed with two of the most amazing people ... Cindy and Jaden ... every MINUTE was WORTHWHILE!!!!
Not only INFORMATIONAL ..... but also very ENTERTAINING 🙂
I do not want to bore you with all the synchronicities that have happened since ..... SUPERKALAFRAGALISTIC !!!!!
I have both of your books .... again worth every penny.
My intention is to continue on this amazing journey .... AEP .... YES!!!!!!

Calgary, AB