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International Angel Day in Calgary

Sunday, September 11, 2016

About International Angel Day in Calgary

After the tragedy of 9/11 happened in the United States, Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. saw people coming together and supporting each other in New York City like never before. Doreen was guided to create this worldwide event in 2006, and since then each year hundreds of Angel Therapy Practitioners® join her in celebrating this very special day!

Thousands of people around the globe will be invoking the angels’ love and healing on International Angel Day to foster world peace and further enlightenment.

Powerful energies will be available to boost our vibration and to bring healing love and compassion for ourselves and our community.


IAD During the Day


Below is a short video from International Angel Day 2014!


International Angel Day in Calgary is hosted by Cindy Smith AEP.

Cindy Smith AEP Photo2

Message from Cindy Smith :

International Angel Day in Calgary (IAD) is dear to my heart. I remember sitting in Doreen Virtues’ class several years ago and she asked for Angel Therapy Practitioners® to hold a workshop or event around the date of 9/11 in honor of Community and sharing Divine Vibration. I held my first International Angel Day in Comox, BC Sept. 2008. In 2009 I was guided to have IAD move to Calgary.  Now we are holding our 8TH International Angel Day! I love that people are inspired to join us from all western provinces of Canada to celebrate Community and share Positive and Upbeat Energy with each other. Learning together how we can overcome all difficulties in our lives when we support each other and CARE. Let’s focus on the Positive in our life and create all we desire to BE. Let’s share our positive energy with community!!! Come join us for a fun and enlightening day with a Community of Like Minded YOU. See you there.

In Love and Light,

Cindy Smith AEPTM ATP®


Alter a belief and you can change reality.

What we believe, determines what we make true.”

Carl Le RouxDr. Carl Le Roux

“My name is Dr. Carl le Roux. I am a family physician in full time practice in Saskatoon. Over the years I have seen many patients “trapped” in illness or symptoms. They own their illness (and often their medications) and allow it to define them – so giving up their power in regards to their health.

I have been doing energy work and working with the healing energy of Archangel Raphael for the past 4 years. Archangel Raphael has transformed my life. From changing my focus to healing (instead of illness) and taking responsibility for what is happening in my life. I have embraced health, joy and happiness. I have a healthy weight now, I am off my blood pressure pills, my allergies went away and I am able to exercise daily. The statement: “Expect to be healthy and you are now!” is now my new belief.

Do you want to own your own health? I am passionate about sharing how we can change our health and our lives with the Angel Empowerment Hands on Healing Program. Cindy Smith and I will talk about common myths regarding health and healing at International Angel Day. It is an exciting new healing modality with real results. It is changing lives – both of healers and those seeking healing. Imagine how your life can change, all you need to do is make the decision and the Hands on Healing program will make it happen for you!”

Join Dr. Carl LeRoux at International Angel Day and learn more about “How you Can Own Your Own Health!”

Linda Backs Profile PIcLinda Backs

I am blessed to be married to my best friend, Tony; to be the mother of 3 adult ‘children’, whose spouses have become the children of my heart; and I am thrilled to be ‘Oma’ to my grandson!

Of course, my spiritual journey has been a life-long one, but I began formally studying the metaphysical following the sudden, tragic death of my beloved younger brother in 1997.  I absolutely consider him my conduit to stepping more consciously onto my Spiritual path, and I bless him for that.

I have been a teacher all my life: teaching dance as a pre-teen; teaching figure skating as a teenager; earning my Bachelor of Education degree in 1981 and embarking on my professional teaching career; being a mother (the greatest teachers of all!); and now teaching Spiritually based courses, including ‘Empowering Yourself Through the Akashic Records©’, which is my passion!  I am also in the process of publishing my first oracle card deck of the same title.

My dear friend and teacher, Cindy Smith, entered my life in 2009 and I was so fortunate to be a student in Cindy’s first AEP certification course, as well as her first Advanced AEP course in 2011.  Cindy is considered a member of our family.  I am proud and honoured to be part of the AEP family that Cindy has fostered!  I have had the privilege of bearing witness to Cindy’s gift for empowering others to step into all that they are meant to be.

I am so grateful to have this opportunity to share time with you at International Angel Day!


Facebook: Conscious Connections With Linda

 Join Linda Backs at International Angel Day and learn more about “Self-Empowerment: Stepping into all that you are meant to be!”

Kathy Tress Profile PicKathy Tress

Miss Kathy is the owner of the Golden Mystery School.  Miss Kathy is a certified Advanced Angel Empowerment Practitioner trained under Cindy Smith and a certified Angel Card Reader trained by Doreen Virtue.  Miss Kathy is a Master-Instructor Integrated Energy Therapy.  She is a Hands on Healer.  She is trained in many energy psychology modalities, including EFT, Ask and Receive Soul Detective.  Miss Kathy is an ordained Metaphysical Minister.

Join Kathy Tress at International Angel Day as she talks about “Angelic Heart Link!”

PortraitTJ Boyne has been working with Energy ever since he was a child, he would first start by connecting with his Grandpa that passed when he was little as he was his first Grandson.  Growing up TJ very much thought intuition was a way of life and he would know information of people without any logical reasoning or evidence.  Although Spirituality would always be part of TJ’s life, in his Adult years he pursued his first passion in IT which he spent 9 years learning all he could and worked for major Energy companies and the Transportation industry.  TJ Left the IT World in Early 2015 to embark on his Spiritual Journey and use his Abilities & Gifts to help others on their Journey.  Teaching and using Mediumship at multiple events, workshops, and courses TJ has found his passion working with the Divine.

Join TJ Boyne at International Angel Day as he gives messages from your Guardian Angels to the audience.

www.tjboyne.com or follow him on Facebook: TJ Boyne – Ascended Light

During The Day You Will

  • Learn How Easy it is to Connect with Your Angel Team
  • How Do we ASK and RECEIVE guidance from our Angel Team
  • Learn About Boomerang of Thoughts – Changing the Pattern with Archangel Uriel
  • Experience Two Guided Meditations
  • Learn from Linda Backs as she talks about “Stepping into all you’re meant to be!”
  • Learn about Creating Higher Conscious Connection to Prosperity
  • Follow Dr. Carl Le Roux & Cindy Smith as they demystify the Most Common Myths about Healers, Health, and Wellness
  • Join TJ Boyne & Cindy Smith as they give Angel Messages to the Audience!
  • Assist Divine Vibration with Healing Self & Community
  • Own Your Wellness
  • Connect with Like Minded People
  • Automatically enter to WIN Thousands of dollars in gifts and much more!

Did you Know That…

  • The doors to this event open at 8:30 a.m. – time to mingle with the vendors and find your seat for the day
  • You will access the event through the hotel (not events centre) at the Grey Eagle Resort and Casino
  • There are vendor tables to visit
  • YOU can Book a mini angel card reading or an Angel Empowerment Hands on Healing Session for only $20 (Sessions start before event, during lunch and breaks)
  • Gourmet lunch included in your ticket price

The Venue

Grey Eagle Resort and Casino – IN THE HOTEL ENTRANCE!!! 
3777 Grey Eagle Drive, Calgary, Alberta

Event runs from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm.
Doors open at 8:30 am

Grey Eagle Resort and Casino

Photo Gallery

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Countdown to IAD 2016









Below is some of the feedback we’ve received for past International Angel Days in Calgary. If you would like to provide your own feedback… click here!

I am so thankful for the opportunity I had to attend the Spring Fling this year. I had an amazing time and met so many amazing people and learned so much. It was really helpful to see and meet so many like minded people especially since I'm fairly new to being open to understanding, learning and working with our Angels and being a Lightworker. Thank you Cindy and Jaden for putting these together and opening paths for people.



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